Refrigerator Generating Antioxidant

Antioxidant FridgeHitachi Appliances Inc. released new refrigerators featuring unusual preservation technology. Japanese claim, their brand-new fridge keeps food fresh and healthy longer than previous “boxes”. What’s more, new refrigerator generates antioxidants to make food nearly two times healthier.

The company’s press release explains their new product has a special room for better storage of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. As other rooms in the fridge, this room is chilled. But it does more than chilling:

  • First, this is a vacuum room. The air pressure 0.7-0.8 atm. improves shelf life of food.
  • Second, new model is equipped with a smell filter.
  • Third and most important, special cassette built in the vacuum room sprays food with antioxidant, – a compound identical to vitamin C. Developers argue this antioxidant makes food lose its nutrients and vitamins twice as slow.

As with other exceptionally healthy products, new Hitachi refrigerator is far from being cheap – the R-Y6000 model (602 liter) costs $3100. But that’s a good value for money!

I didn’t mean to advertise Hitachi here, but I think that their invention is really worth paying attention to, especially for those who take care of their health.

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