Penclic Mouse: a Pen instead of a Mouse

The good old pen is back again as an advantageous improvement on the run-of-the-mill computer mouse. It is still called mouse, out of habit, probably, but it may yet come to be that the first part of the name will replace the rodent, and we will be calling our control sticks penclics.

Penclic Mouse

The Penclic mouse was designed to cooperate perfectly with “the natural power and dexterity” of our hands and deliver us from RSI (the Repetitive Strain Injury) for good. The pen interacts with the way you hold it, thus doing away with the necessity of clicking away endlessly.

The great thing is it also functions as a pen, allowing you to sign your digital signature and perform other computer-friendly writing feats. You can do it in the more comfortable fashion for you, using the Penclic on the screen or on the side of the computer.

The mousy pen comes in two models, the R2 that is wireless and the D2 that is corded. For the time being the public information doesn’t give any inkling of the prices or release date, but this one sounds good enough to watch out for.