Pantech and T.S. DuPont Turn out a New Luxury Phone

The mobile market will soon welcome another luxury cell phone – the first attempt of the French company S.T. DuPont that secured the cooperation Pantech for their debut.

Dupont Phone

The model, which bears the name of the Pantech Sky Dupont IM-U510LE, is naturally meant to impress with its exterior first of all.

S.T. DuPont’s idea was to create a phone design around the design of their famous lighter, and the phone is reported to be activated by pushing a button that produces a muted click resembling the sound of a lighter being opened.

Pantech Phone

The handset boasts gold plates along the edges. The display is a 3-inch touchscreen, the features including a 3MP camera, GPS and 2G-only connectivity.

The price is set at $832 which is the highest mark for a Pantech phone so far; no other details are out yet.

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