New Vibrating Lancome Oscillation Mascara

Lancome Oscillation MascaraIn the past, women applied the mixture of coal dust and petrolatum to their lashes. That mixture, invented by a chemist named Williams, preceded today’s mascara. In earlier articles, I mentioned the mascara with ball-shaped brush. Specialists at Lacome are now offering something exceptionally new – Lancome Oscillation Mascaramascara with vibrating wand. According to Jean-Louis Guéret, creator of mascara brushes for Lancome, they are offering a revolutionary and unique product that can’t be compared to anything on the market.

Guéret says he’s been creating cosmetics to accentuate the natural beauty of the eyes over thirty years. He spent a few years studying application techniques and found that instead of making random motions, the mascara should be evenly applied all over each individual lash. And vibrating mascara brush brings amazing results.

The brush makes seven thousand vibrating motions per minute, which helps the mascara coat each individual lash 360 degrees around. It may sound a little scary but it’s very easy in use. Here’s the video about the new Lancome Oscillation Mascara:

Yes, this “gadget” is innovative and yes, it vibrates. But, honestly, I don’t think Lancome Oscillation Mascara is something really useful, something that every woman should have otherwise she won’t look good, something that creates an effect that no other mascara can create. Well, who knows, I haven’t used it. Probably I’ll change my mind after I do.

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