Living Pixels Lamps – a Magic Forest of Light

These “trees”, “bushes” and “garlands” of magically colored lights can easily transform any place that looked ordinary a flick of a switch before into a resplendent and mysterious locus… And all that stuff coming straight from the dumping site.

Living Pixels Lamps

These bizarre Living Pixels Lamps have been knocked together by a group of Hong Kong based designers from recycled materials like old-fashioned and discarded light stands and various bulbs. Recycled banners were cut up and pieced together anew to make lampshades or diffusers. Everything in the lamps is completely eco-friendly.

Living Pixels Lamps

Every item of the Living Pixels is completely unique being constructed of a different set of materials and featuring light diffusion unlike any other lamp of the series.

Living Pixels Lamps

Well, when you switch them off the lamps fade into an utterly common white stand, but all the greater the difference when you turn them on and watch the gasping effect on your guests!

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