Will Men Really Strike out in High Heels?

The recurring question whether high heels will go just beautifully with this outfit and whether the situation is right for them may come to torment men and women in equal measure.

High-heeled shoes

Men are falling for high-heeled footwear, and there’s no telling where this trend will stop – if at all!

Aside from the memorable Dustin Hoffman stiletto try-on in “Tootsie” for a female impersonation, this is serious – platform shoes with heels anything up to 4 inches tall and a specifically male design.

The Times Online reports that the trend is beginning to catch fast. Goth and glam-rock (those have always been in the game) circles in London are already in. Heel-mounted men gathered round for the Fashion Week in Paris to see the collections of Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens; the Rodarte show in New York and Pam Hogg in London also drew in those who were trying out the new style.

For Gareth Pugh and Marc Jacobs that was nothing new – they have made the point of wearing shoes with noticeable heels now and then. Jacobs even spilled to the Times that he makes use of women’s heels in his collection.

Though he never did it in public, it’s habitual with Jacobs to put on heels whenever he is thinking heel. Sometimes he doesn’t bother to take them off for hours on end. “It raises a laugh with the team for about five minutes because they’ve seen me do it so many times,” smiles Jacobs. “But that’s not why I do it. I do it because I want to show that I’m not some misogynist designer designing these torturous shoes for women.”

So there are men who are accustomed to the art for fashion’s sake, and there are men who really need a break like this!

Sarkozy shoes

For those representatives of the strong sex who hate to look up to a woman there are lifts that never came down in popularity like “status shoes” with 1 1/4 inch of the heel outside and further 1 ½-inch lift hidden in the shoe. Karl Lagerfeld or French prime minister Nicolas Sarkozy, whose height wasn’t their strongest point, are maybe the most famous of the patronizers.

But now the heel difference seems to be trodden down, and more and more men prefer to sport their heels instead of being too circumventive about it.

Source of the image: Thedailypump.com, mycolorfashion.com.