LED Party Lights from Your Ice Buckets

The very gadget for your party! Your guest-filled room will be looking especially stunning when studded by a number of ice buckets carrying champagne bottles that will add a soft lightning of their own into your illumination. Allowing an easy location of the next drink, they will not distract too much with their soft LED lights.

LED Party Ice Buckets

Furthermore, you can have quite a choice of colors and you can change them at your wish using the wireless remote control that goes with the set. Besides the color you can control brightness and set the timing for color changing.
If your placing is inconvenient for using power adapters, you can put the gadgets on the battery providing for about 5 hours of unintermitted operation. Altogether the LED Color Changing Ice Bucket guarantees approximately 25,000 hours of light and is priced at EUR 23 ($30).

Colorful LED Ice Buckets

Light Ice Buckets

Source of the images: ladiesgadgets.com.

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