Kiss Plumper by PMD Makes Your Lips Fuller

Oh, fashion. It not only tells us how to dress. It also sets requirements for appearance. For example, plump (and very plump) lips are in trend today. If you have not signed up for a “beauty injection” yet, do not do it. Now, you can get a flower-bud mouth at home. Beauty gadgets will help you with this.

What millions of women will not try for the illusionary possibility to “be in trend”! However, trends come and go. Silicone implants and other fillers dissolve with difficulty. Besides, the intervention of a beauty specialist sometimes has unpleasant consequences. Dreaming of “fashionable” lips? Let’s start with a lip liner. And if that’s not enough, search for special devices to augment the problem area. It will be much cheaper than endless visits to a cosmetologist. In any case, that’s what the creators of the electronic volumizer, Kiss, say.

PMD is a well-known US developer of portable beauty gadgets. They have introduced a new product, which has long been awaited by millions of Instagram users – a portable lip volumizer, Kiss. It is simple to use, and the effect is almost immediate. The entire beauty session lasts only a few minutes. Cleanse your lips and apply a special serum accelerating the blood flow, then turn on the Kiss and apply to each of the four zones alternately (as in the photo).

The device sends small electrical pulses to the skin. Each zone gets 10 pulses – 40 for the entire procedure.

The device promotes collagen synthesis, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, makes lips brighter and tighter. Because of this, your mouth will be visually (and by touch) plumper and more seductive. And only for $100. It is a pity that the effect lasts only from morning to evening. Almost, like in Cinderella.

However, some beauty device bloggers are skeptical about the lip volumizer: you pay quite a lot of money for the effect that can be achieved with the help of a good scrub, if you rub well. But still, it is better than the lip whistles that have become so popular online – Lip plumper, which left thousands of girls with bruised lips.

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