Jog to Charge a Gadget

You could do a great thing for yourself healthwise if you take up running, that’s fine, but one shouldn’t forget that every time the average modern individual steps out it is usually with a fair number of gadgets on them. Can we extend the usefulness of running to our little electronic helpers? Naturally, thinks Argentine designer Soledad Martin; why not carry about a small bot that holds a nano-generator system? Get it on your sports shoe, and here you are fitted with an excellent outdoor charger.

Charger for Gadgets

When you run or jog the bot accumulates the kinetic energy, converts it into electric energy and collects it in a battery. In a while the battery is ready to charge your cell phone – oh, any gadget that has a USB connection – even if you stopped running.

Charger for Gadgets

One more thing you must take into consideration is get a set of different-colored and different-styled interchangeable straps with snap buttons for the bot so it doesn’t clash with your footwear – it can easily become a part of the design!

Source of the image: Gizmodiva.