iPod Winter Fashion: iHat

It sure looks like there’s going to be a lot more things beginning with an “i” before long, but now as winter is blowing cold the next in the list is an iHat.

iHat for iPod in Winter

This warm and timely clothing-plus-device item carries inbuilt speakers in the ears and takes sound from any gadget with a headphone jack. The sound quality is uncertain but it is convenient in not requiring an extra power supply: a charged iPod or MP3 player is the only thing you will need.

So it may be s good idea to hold back buying a new cap until December 14 when the iHat hits the stores. Its price is reported to be around $25. If you have already acquired a good headwear, remember your friends and relatives: the iHat can make a desirable gift for some of them.

Source of the image: Geekalerts.com

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