HydraTest Checks Your Skin Hydration Level

A simple and effective device will help deal with the problem of skin dehydration. It measures water balance and the amount of sebum in just 5 seconds and then gives the user a “personalized recipe” of beauty.


HydraTest device is designed for skin care, and the ability to adjust to each individual is its distinguishing feature from other similar devices. For this purpose, the gadget needs to measure the level of sebum and moisture using small pins that resemble a miniature plug. The measurement process takes only 5 seconds.

HydraTest sends a small electric shock to the skin, which is not felt by a human – no pain is felt. However, the level of resistance to this current helps determine the amount of sebum, as well as the degree of tissue hydration. Digits that show the percentage of hydration are displayed on a small monitor. Then they are just compared with a special information card, no bigger than a credit card in size, to make a final conclusion.


If the skin is moistened by 30% or less, it is recognized as dehydrated; from 31% to 35% – the skin is dry, from 36% to 46% – the skin is normal, and from 47% and above – excessively moist. Furthermore, the device measures the level of sebum on a scale from one to five. The creators of HydraTest call it the first handheld device for skin care, which is based on the technology used in modern beauty salons. They believe that picking individual regime of skin care with the help of this device, the woman will be able to slow down the natural aging process.

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