Hormonal Diet

Too large thighs, fat hips, a bad stomach – all these zones of excess fat are so hard to correct. British scientists believe that in this case the person can obtain help from the hormone diet.


What Leads to Fat Storage?

According to science, the modern life style of a human adversely affects his/her hormonal balance, which leads to the appearance of point fat accumulations in certain areas of the body. Almost no diet can help cope with them, and no matter how much we restrict our calorie intake, the sides or the belly will never decrease in size, despite the fact that in other parts of the body one can almost see bones through the skin.

How to Get Rid of Fat?

London naturopath Max Tomlinson has found that controlling hormone levels affects the contours of his patients’ body. His technique of the so-called “hormone diet”, which he has practiced for several years, gives surprising results. Unchanging areas of the body, such as fatty sides or too large hips, begin to magically return to their normal proportions.

What Causes Side Abs Fat?

He found that the fat on the abs sides is caused by an excess of insulin, so to correct the problem one should reduce the intake of sugar, abandon white bread, rice and pasta in favor of whole grains, which help to better maintain the blood sugar. It is recommended to include cinnamon in the diet, as it has a positive effect on insulin, reducing its amount in the blood.

Fat Arms

Excess fat on the arms usually testifies to the lack of testosterone. Its level in women decreases with age, but certain foods, such as trout, avocado and sunflower seeds can help. Avoid red meat, saturated fats and high-fat dairy products. One cannot but mention the positive influence of flavonoids, which are contained in sunflower seeds, apples, berries, onions, soy and green tea.

Fat Butt

Large thighs are a consequence of excess estrogen. Eat cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, soy products and seeds. Forget about alcohol, painkillers, processed meat and coffee. In case of belly fat, the body demonstrates an increased cortisol level. It is recommended to reduce it with the help of oats and beans. In general, it is better to eat small portions and monitor the changes in blood sugar levels in this case, as it affects the production of cortisol.

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