Google Glass Is the Most Stylish Hi-Tech Accessory

The new product developed by Google is called Google Glass. It has been officially named the most fashionable hi-tech accessory for the next few years: the American Vogue magazine has devoted a photo shoot by Steven Klein to their new product.

Project Glass by Google

Apparently, the creators of the photo shoot completely agree that Google Glass will become not just a fashion accessory, like some kind of iPad, but will be able to change the contemporary reality – at least, the futuristic landscapes in the photos and their characters, which resemble robots, completely recreate this picture of the future with Google Glass.

What is Google Glass? You cannot deny the fact that this is a revolutionary development: in fact, being “based” on the traditional glasses, Google Glass is a tiny device that allows you to work with photos, videos, and a variety of applications. The functions of Google Glass can be controlled with the help of voice or with eye and head movements: you can activate the camera and take photos or launch different applications.

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