Glamorous Swarovski Crystal C2 Iron

Glamour is not a show, but a lifestyle, is the firm belief of Linea Pro Appliances. They are sure they will make your routine grooming really glamorous by wielding a Linea Pro Swarovski Crystal C2 iron. The name alone makes you want to start using it right away, doesn’t it?

Linea Pro Swarovski Crystal C2 iron

This gadget (one almost shudders at calling this objet d’art “gadget”) is resplendent with more than 2.500 crystals all applied manually and fixed with a heat-proof glue. The objet d’gadget boasts conveniently long titanium plates, a NASA-designed heater, tourmaline-infused ceramic, and digital cord temp control that shuts off automatically – the first in the world. Exclusive Nano-Silver guarantees to kill nearly 100% of bacteria.

Devices and accessories with Swarovski on a flat iron are manufactured by Linea only! Linea Pro Swarovski Crystal irons are individually numbered, to be ordered for $850.

Source of the image: Body360.

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