Giving the Gift of Sleep: Top Tech Gadgets and Apps for Your Favorite Insomniac

It’s estimated that a huge 1 in 3 people have at least mild insomnia, many of them developing unhealthy sleeping habits and finding sleeping pills ineffective in the long-run. Aside from the obvious symptom of tiredness, insomnia can cause other more serious conditions including depression, anxiety and lack of concentration.

For many insomniacs, they see their situation as being hopeless. However, technology has responded and a plethora of innovative gadgets and apps have been created to specifically help those who struggle with sleep – some of the top options are described below.

Alarm Clock for Me

Don’t be fooled by the name, as this app is much more than just an alarm clock. Alarm Clock for Me is a free app available now on the Google App store and contains specifically-designed features to assist with going to sleep.

In addition to its customizable alarm clock and weather updates, Alarm Clock for Me features an innovative sleep timer. This can be specifically tailored to your desired sleeping pattern and will play relaxing, sleep-inducing tunes or white noise dependent on your preference. Whichever you choose, this app is a great way to start your journey to better sleep.

This Works

A small and compact device powered simply by a USB, This Works is an automatic fragrance dispenser that will slowly diffuse calming, sleep-inducing fragrances throughout the air to relax both your body and mind.

Its Deep Sleep Super Blend fragrance has been expertly crafted with fragrances proven to promote sleep. Better still, as this device is completely automatic, it will dispense fragrance at the most appropriate rate all by itself, giving you the most relaxing environment possible to encourage sleep.

Neuroon Sleep Mask

Not just any old sleep mask, the Neuroon is one of the most innovative sleep-inducing pieces of technology to be developed in recent years. Not only is it as comfortable as a regular sleep mask, the Neuroon features sensory mechanisms that will monitor and record your insomniac sleeping habits. Then, with this information, it will suggest specific strategies on how to improve your sleeping pattern in the most effective way to suit you.

Offering guided meditation sessions and dream-remembrance tools, the Neuroon even features sessions designed to help you quickly get over jet lag – an issue many insomniacs dread that can even deter some from going on vacations abroad.

This mask works with you, not against you, and offers intelligent and tailored results that, when used correctly and over a period of time, are sure to give you one of the best night’s sleep you’ve had in years.

Insomnia is an issue millions of people face every single night of their lives, with many non-sufferers not even realizing how common it actually is. But, if you do suffer from this unfortunate condition, the above apps and gadgets are a sure-fire combination that will give you a great head-start in improving your sleep and hopefully saying goodbye to insomnia for good.

Ruby Slater is a student who uses her knowledge of tech to write fun, informative and useful articles. Whenever she sees a family member struggling with something she is usually the first to provide an app solution to help them out!

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