Fujitsu Skin Memory

What would you say to an idea to carry around a skin expert everywhere you go? Instead of going to a salon for a paid consultation where you will have to ensconce yourself under a machine and subject yourself to a close (and rather tedious) scrutiny, you can just whip out your smartphone and learn everything you need to know about your skin condition.

Skin Analyser

You can do that now owing to Fujitsu who have turned out a new cloud based service dubbed Skin Memory (or Hada Memori if you want the original name). You get a small card with a 0.6 inch hole which you press to the cheek, a discoloration, on your neck, in short, anywhere you like. The camera in your smartphone takes a picture of this card and makes an analysis of what it shows. The results are then stored in their cloud system which allows you to get background information whenever you need it and know what’s going on with your skin over a period of time. If you make up your mind to visit an expert you can always send the necessary info out to your consultant beforehand so you can skip a good part, if not the whole, of the examination and make both his and your task easier.

The Skin Memory, exhibited by Fujitsu at a press conference in Tokyo nearly a week ago, is supposed to be the first of a number of suchlike products enabling you to measure stress, get information related to sleep, exercise, and other ways to keep tabs on your health.