Turn Sunlight into Frost: Frost Solar-Powered Air-Conditioner

Sultry summers require strings of new and various methods of cooling the atmosphere down, and there’s an ingenious one coming – to use what is in abundance around, namely the sunlight! Why run so much electricity when there is another kind of energy to power cooling devices that costs nothing?


Now let’s switch off the electricity-devouring air-conditioner for a moment and regard the Frost – a solar-powered air-conditioner that sucks up and stores solar energy that empowers its fans. The other part of the gadget is a removable freezer pack that uses the opposite element. You place it into the refrigerator freezer to imbibe the ice. Then you insert the freezer pack into the Frost, turn it on and feel the impact of a real winter on the relentless summer.

Besides the gadget’s ability to send welcome swishes of cool – or frosty – air through your home, we are not yet informed of its other features; for one, it is doubtful whether its operation can be regulated, and then it will hardly come up to the category of air-conditioners. Yet it’s worth our while to look it up when it appears and see if it is a more sophisticated device than we know so far.

This cool idea belongs to industrial designer Philip Stankard, who really seems to hate it when the heat is on!

Source of the image: popgadget.net.

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