Cute Earphone Covers by Deos Float


If you are mindful enough to get accessories to your iPhone and/or iPod matching the main gadgets in brilliance and cuteness, here are earphones worthy of your consideration. Called Deos Float Earphone Covers, these are especially appealing for admirers of Swarovski crystals, for they are pasted all over with hundreds of Swarovski sparklers. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Earphone Covers with Swarovski crystals by Deos Float

So if you are excited about having Swarovski elements shimmering in hundreds about your ears, scoop up $150 for the handcrafted Deos Float Earphone Covers and join the ranks of those who love having them – including people like Kim Kardashian, Nelly and Ice T. Keep on shining with Deos Float!

Source of the image: Gizmodiva.