Cute Charging Station Solar Suntree

Modern homes are literally crammed with the equipment of various calibers and functions. It is not surprising that the average electricity bill grows almost exponentially with every year. Perhaps, thrifty citizens will soon begin to seriously think about how to reduce the energy costs. Of course, no one will spend less time at the computer or charge the smartphone less often. We can begin to use alternative sources of energy at home – for example, portable solar batteries.


“Domestication” of alternative sources of energy has already started and is rapidly gaining momentum. It is not surprising that more and more portable solar panels appear on the market. Recently, they included a powerful and creative development, Solar Suntree.

Solar Suntree is perhaps the most aesthetic solar panel on the market of portable technologies for the home. 9 plates are conveniently located on the branches of an elegant bamboo tree. Place this “tree” near the window to accumulate energy, and in a few hours Solar Suntree will easily charge any home gadget. Without any cost!


Bamboo Solar Suntree will perform “photosynthesis” of energy using its nine solar panels in order to fully charge the built-in 2500mAh battery. The device will then be used to energize a smartphone, a player or any other gadget that is not very energy-consuming.


After all, the main feature of the Solar Suntree battery is its design. This tree will certainly become a hit with all the thoughtful environmentalists and consumers. It will look impressive on the windowsill surrounded by real plants and reminding that nature and technology can exist side by side in peace and harmony.