Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier to Indicate the Room Pollution Level

Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier, to be purchased for $279.99, undertakes for this sum to get your air 99.5% clean of all alien airborne particles.

Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier

It is also fitted with an indicator light that shows the state of the air in the room by changing colors from red (indicating a highly polluted air) to light purple (medium pollution level), purple (low level) and blue (clean 99.5% and over).

Its Hepa filtration system performs a three-stage purification, removing dust particles and germs from the inside air and warding off danger from your lungs effectively, and to top it, Conway AP-1008 carries a red dot design award for looking cool in your room.

Source of the image: Ohgizmo

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