Companion Robot ElliQ for the Elderly

Intuition Robotics, a manufacturer from Israel, demonstrated the ElliQ intelligent system for the elderly at the Consumer Electronic Show 2019. With age, many face social isolation. They have less energy for leading an active life, and besides, their health suffers. ElliQ aims to solve this problem by providing a social circle and leisure.

The robot consists of three modules: a base docking station, a turning “head” on the stand and a kind of tablet. All of them keep in touch with the user through cameras, microphones, motion sensors and speakers. The movable head on the stand reacts to the owner’s voice, imitates movements indicating interest and focus on the conversation.

ElliQ can react to commands and talk, read letters and news, report weather and calendar information, display photos or a favorite movie, play a verbal game, joke and even argue. It can also remind you about taking medicine, food and walks. The main thing is the availability of information in a database that caring relatives can update remotely.

The system costs $ 1,499, and the price of a mandatory subscription is $ 50 monthly.

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