Solar Charged Jacket for Joggers Vollebak

Today, modern technologies are used to produce a variety of things, including clothing. Designers have a special interest in sportswear. One of such high-tech training kits will be discussed today.

Vollebak is a young startup that makes sportswear with a scientific and technical bias for use in the open air. In the past, the company demonstrated such curious innovations as the “100-year-old hoodie” made of super strong aramid fibers, as well as a series of “hoodies for relaxation.” The last hit in Vollebak’s wardrobe was a waterproof jacket, glowing in the dark.

The jacket is charged by sunlight due to being covered with an ultrathin layer of a phosphorescent compound that absorbs light and emits green glowing in the dark. In fact, it’s something similar to those popular glowing Starlight stickers, which used to be glued on the ceiling in the children’s room.

Unfortunately, the company does not disclose any detailed information about the composition of the phosphorescent compound, but the founders of Vollebak claim that the jacket can glow for 12 hours. Judging by the past examples of luminous materials, Vollebak managed to achieve a lot – it’s an unusually long period of glowing.

The luminous composition is placed in the membrane of the jacket; therefore, according to reports, one should not worry about its being damaged when washing. This is a very important nuance for the garment. Despite its name, the “solar jacket” can be charged by most light sources, ranging from the sun to a usual flashlight.

The jacket is also noteworthy due to being completely waterproof. It has ventilation eyelets under the arms and a large enough back pocket to keep a phone and a wallet when a person goes for a night run.

The jacket comes in four sizes and is currently sold for $350, so the phosphorescent compounds used in it are supposedly quite expensive.

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