Bodymetrics pod Helps Choose the Right Jeans


The problem of selecting a model of jeans has existed exactly as long as there have been women’s jeans models. It is rare that we can determine the necessary cut and size from the first time. The inventors from the United Kingdom decided to simplify the problem of choice.

Bodymetrics pod machine has been invented, which resembles a vertical tanning booth.

Built-in measuring devices scan the figure of the woman, who enters the booth, and produce an accurate 3D-model of the female body. These data are processed and classified according to several parameters: the type of the figure, the size. Then the client gets the exact recommendation to buy jeans: what brands, styles, and cuts are the most suitable.

The first 100 copies of the booths are expected to appear in the U.S. retail stores. The experiment will last for two years, and if the demand for such a service is great, the technology will spread across the globe.