Aqua Touchscreen Cell Phone That Looks Like a Small Pool of Water

Having a transparent cell phone – you read right, a real see-through gadget – may seem disconcerting for some or highly amusing for others, but there’s no doubt that the idea is an engaging one and titillating in some strange fashion. Turning a customary solid cell phone into what to all intents and purposes looks like a water puddle is the brain child of South Korean designer Bon Seop Ku.

Samsung AQUA mobile phone

Whether Bon Seop Ku was inspired by Salvador Dali’s liquid clock faces or has just spilled his tea on the table inadvertently, there it is: a Samsung “AQUA” mobile friend that produces the impression of disintegrating into drops under your touch… which it won’t.

The “AQUA” is an ultra slim transparent handset with a water-based touchscreen and AMOLED display that can be cleared of icons by hand – you just rub them off.

Of course the “AQUA” is eco-friendly, powered by a liquid battery (small wonder!). It may be too difficult to spot it if you have a habit of strewing your cell phones about, but won’t it be cool to speak into a water pool?

Source of the image: Fgadgets.

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