A 3D Web Camera by Minoru

Actually, Minoru is the only 3D web camera that can be purchased on the market in any corner of the world. Usually it costs about EUR 79.95, GBP 49.95 in the UK. So what do you get for this money?

Minoru 3D Web Camera

Two built-in cameras (coyly designed as the head of an alien or some quaint humanoid), two VGA 640 X 480 CMOS sensors, two wide angle lens allow for 3D filming (or 2D, should you prefer that) to be used over MSN, YouTube, Skype or whatever application you favor. You can save stills, make use of a built-in microphone. The camera provides up to 30 fps video recording speed.

It requires a special software with stereoscopic anaglyphic processing which is IBM- and Linux-compatible. Included are five pairs of glasses enabling you to see all the details that the camera captures including the red and cyan anaglyph image, since there’s more to Minoru than meets the eye!

Source of the image: techfresh.net.

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