3D-Printed Shoes

A stylish modern woman just cannot imagine her life without heels. They are believed to make the figure slimmer, more expressive and beautiful. But such shoes are not always convenient. Sooner or later, your back gets tired and starts aching. This topical issue proved to be of great interest to a designer from Israel. She claims that she has invented the most comfortable shoes on heels.


It is no secret that wearing high heels for a long time leads to the fact that women feel discomfort in their legs, back and waist. Beauty demands certain victims, as it is often said. But student Neta Soreq from Israel believes that wearing high heels should bring pleasure. The girl offered her modern interpretation of shoes with heels. Due to the cushioning heels, they can help walk quicker; such shoes are designed specifically for active women.

A few decades ago, it seemed impossible to print shoes. Now, this is everyday practice rather than fiction. Neta Soreq just took advantage of the 3D-technology. She is a student of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and that is where the girl received the knowledge needed to create such unusual shoes.


The shoes are manufactured using Solidworks 3D software. The main material is nylon, and the sole was made from a photosensitive photopolymer material, which prevents slipping.


Neta Soreq is sure that these shoes are a real discovery in the world of fashion. The shoes look very stylish and unusual, and they weigh little – just 200-300 grams each. But their main advantage is convenience: spiral heels create a very soft and pleasant effect for the woman wearing such shoes. Neta has developed only two models of different design and colors. The cost of one pair is around $900-1000. The designer is already working on a new collection of shoes that will be more practical and stylish. After the release, she is planning to initiate collaboration with fashion houses in Europe.

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