Weight Loss after Pregnancy. Second Trimester

Weight Loss after Pregnancy. Second TrimesterYour baby grew noticeably bigger, weighing twice as much as at the childbirth. Now that the digestion is working well, your baby is a calm sleeper and the most drastic change – the baby becomes inquisitive about the world. As for moms, they their psyche becomes increasingly vulnerable during the second postpartum trimester. Statistics shows, the second trimester is linked to an increased risk of postpartum depression. Half a year after the childbirth, many women start pondering on their looks and slimming diet opportunities.

What Prevents from Getting Slim?

Experts point out that young mother’s weight becomes stable after the childbirth and then starts increasing again after six months! The emotional state is what makes it grow. Your hormone profile keeps changing and the baby still takes all your time and efforts. Rather than help you lose the weight, diets at this stage are more likely to suppress the metabolism.

The results of dieting, if any, are always below your expectations, resulting in frustration and stress caused by the contradiction between being a good mother and a sexy woman.

Weight Loss during the Second Postpartum Trimester

How to lose weight during the second semester after pregnancy – pushing a baby stroller. Walks are both good for the babies as they are looking at the world around them with the eyes wide-open and for the mothers as they walk for several hours a day.

Postpartum Weight Loss Tips

What you really need is fitness. Besides walking, exercising at home will definitely do you good. There are lots of fitness programs out there, designed for mothers and babies. They are aimed at increasing your muscles tone. Fat in the trained muscles burns off faster, and indeed your appetite becomes less big. In addition, there is nothing more effective against postpartum depression than physical exercises.

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