Weight Loss after Pregnancy. First Trimester

Weight Loss after Pregnancy. First TrimesterYou already know that women may gain up to 30 lb or even more during the nine months of pregnancy. And then, when your baby is born, it’s often a huge problem to get rid of the excess pregnancy weight. But you should still stay positive and work hard in striving for “the slim yourself” all the nine months after pregnancy. Here’s what prevents you from losing excess weight and what to start with during the first postpartum trimester.

New Life after Pregnancy

Got new experience? Childbirth is actually an eye-opening thing. First, you realize the view that babies sleep up to 15 hours a day is far from being true. Even calm babies are likely to catnap and give their parents a hard time round the clock. Second, realizing that those pounds are still there, a young mom goes into a tailspin.

What Prevents from Getting Slim?

But what prevents you from getting slim during the first trimester? Progesterone and lactation hormone still prevail in the hormone profile. It is linked to the increased appetite. That’s why your belly and hips are still a problem. Obviously, lack of sleep and unhealthy sleep contribute to your inability to lose weight (it relates to all people).

Losing Weight during the First Postpartum Period

How to lose weight? Breastfeeding does not impede your efforts towards being slim. With no childbirth complications and a healthy lactation, you will be losing excessive weight naturally as the fat is used to produce milk. At average, your body consumes 30-40 g of fat daily.

Postpartum Weight Loss Tips

Tips. Here is a hard and simple rule for you –don’t ever try to start a strict diet. Make sure you don’t eat more than usually, though. Breastfeeding mothers often make the same mistakes, trying to eat more of fatty food (to make milk more nourishing), chose too big portions (to ensure their milk is good) and even have a hamburger before sleep (to make sure they have enough milk at night).

In reality, the quantity of breast milk has nothing to do with breastfeeding mother’s diet.

What Stimulates Lactation?

The secretion of lactation hormone is influenced by the other female hormones –estrogen in particular, not by eating more. It also depends on how right the breastfeeding process is as well as on your psycho-emotional state. Both for the mother and her baby, emotional state and healthy sleep is much more important than portion sizes.

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