How to Ease Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnant WomanOne of the most vulnerable body parts during pregnancy is back. It starts aching when you remain in sitting, standing and even lying position for a long time. Let alone the fact women have to do household routines. What could an expectant mother do to ease pregnancy back pain? Find out some simple tips below.

Physical Activity

If your pregnancy goes well and you feel healthy and vigorous, physical activity will do you only good. You can do the cleaning (just make sure you don’t plunge into spring-cleaning, shifting furniture), cooking, etc.

Pregnancy Activities

You should alternate the activities involving a lot of movement with less busier ones like sewing or knitting. When you perform the needlework or read up on something (why not to dedicate your pregnancy months to self-education!), try to change your body position more often because if you don’t, it may negatively affect the oxygen supply to fetus.

Pregnant women have to skip activities that may increase intrauterine pressure, like squatting.

Flowing Movements

Whatever your activities, make sure your movements are flowing. Abrupt turns cause your belly continue moving because of momentum while your body stops. This may lead to many things: shaken fetus could start kicking or turn upside down and lean the back of the head against pelvic area causing lumbar radiculitis in mother.

How to Sit Right during Pregnancy

By the way, sitting position is the hardest on the spine, so you have to learn how to sit right. Use chairs with a hard seat, upright backrest, and preferably equipped with armrests to provide support when you rise. Find something to prop up your legs for even distribution of weight. Never sit with your legs crossed. Rise from sitting position every half an hour and do some walking.

Wearing Back Support Bandage

Once you experienced back pain, it’s time to wear the bandage, support pantyhose and stretchy panties. Ask your husband for a light relaxing back massage. Stroking motions should be symmetrical and go all the way down from neck to low back.

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