Best Age for Motherhood

Cute BabyMany U.S. women, as well as women in many other countries, delay the birth of the first child to the age of 30 due to some reason. But is it healthy for women to delay parenthood till this age? And what makes women behave so? Most women want to have children, but when – this is the most wide spread question and problem. Well, it was a problem. Since now the scientists have found the best age for motherhood.

Late Motherhood or Best Age?

According to new research by sociologists of The University of Texas at Austin, the best age for woman to become pregnant for the first time is 34 years. Exactly at this age a woman achieves the balance of her health and material well-being. It’s usually not so simple for younger women to combine motherhood and career. This is why younger women normally experience serious health problems, as well as their children.

Woman’s Health and Motherhood

Older women are more careful of their health and manage to cure all possible diseases that could do harm to both baby and herself. As a result, women, who became mothers for the first time at the age of 34, are biologically about 14 years younger, than their peers, who gave birth to their first baby at the age of 18-20.

When Is it too Late for Motherhood?

At the same time, the researchers warn, that after 35 years the levels of hormones providing fertilizing ability start to drop in the woman’s body. This is why the vast majority of experts recommend to think about parenthood a bit earlier. So, the best time to bear the first child is the period between 27 and 34 years.

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