Do You Like Sex? Your Face Can Answer

A very interesting study of peculiarities of partner selection was carried out by scientists from Durham University. The study involved 700 heterosexual men and women aged 20-30. The volunteers were asked to look at images of the opposite sex and to judge the attractiveness of these people. They were also to identify the attitude of the people in the photos toward sex, such as if they were interested in long- or short-term relationships. These data were then compared to real behavior of the people in the photos.

Couple Having Sex

Most participants were able to define the attitude toward sex of people of the opposite sex just by looking at face expression and features: 72% of the surveyed men and women correctly identified it. Men and women have absolutely opposite preferences. Regarding men, the most attractive women were those interested in short-term relationships. Women were mostly interested in men, who were looking for long-term relationships, while men interested in short-term sexual relationships were perceived as looking more masculine. The features of such men are: squarer jaws, larger nose and smaller eyes.

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