Women Excel over Men in Balancing Budget

A new research conducted by lovemoney.com offers irrefutable proof that the ability of the fair sex to keep good budget surpasses that of mere males. A study enveloping 3,000 people goes to conclude that more women keep a sharp eye on their finances, mind how much money they spend and don’t overlook paying their bills in good time.

Money and Budget

Besides women are more careful about running up debts. 60 per cent of men won’t think twice about taking out a loan, with only 50 per cent of women agreeing to incur a debt.

The same goes for settling debts. Where men go for minimum payments, women usually try to wipe out a debt as soon as possible. They are also more mindful of what is going on on their credit cards. 25 per cent of men said they are inaccurate about paying their credit card bills; while only 17 per cent of women owned up to being careless about theirs.

Commenting on the results of the survey, a spokesman for lovemoney.com said that the image of a woman spending money recklessly on whatever garment captured her fancy seems to have outlasted its time.

While women are trying to get a better grasp of their money, men seem more inclined to indulge themselves.

“As more gadgets become available, guys are spending their hard-earned cash to keep up with their mates in the technology stakes, but it seems many are relying on credit to cover the costs.”

It may easily mean that while men succumb to the temptation of being free with their money, women can actually afford to treat themselves to an extra buy or two!

Source of the image: Photl.com.

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