Woman Has Never Eaten Raw Fruit and Veggies

Marla Lopez, a 54-year-old resident of New York, has not even tasted a single fruit and vegetable during her life. Her daily diet consists of three products: potato chips, white bread, and milk. Marla buys these products at the local supermarket and eats them on her way home.

Exotic foods

In an interview with Good Morning America, Marla Lopez said that spaghetti, eggs, and hamburgers, the dishes loved by many people, seemed disgusting to her. She does not think fruit and vegetables can be called food. It is natural that Marla should not be able to cook, and she does not see the point in doing that. To treat herself with something delicious, she sometimes buys ice cream, pancakes, french fries, and bacon. Despite the extremely unhealthy diet, Marla feels great and has no extra weight.

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