White Teeth Make You Look 5 Years Younger

White teeth help you look five years younger, and even get a good job. This is the conclusion reached by the researchers from the UK.

Healthy White Teeth

The study, commissioned by the Oral B company, showed that white teeth can be a key factor of success for the candidates at a job interview. If the applicant’s white teeth look perfect, he seems to be more successful, attractive and capable of working for the employer. Moreover, white teeth visually rejuvenate us for at least five years.

The British dentists say that 75% of the population are willing to undergo teeth whitening, and many of them want to look like their role models and different stars, like Victoria Beckham. The dentists’ patients want to enhance the whiteness of their teeth for two to three shades on average. Well, yellow teeth are the main reason for discomfort in the British people, if it concerns the health of the mouth. Caries and periodontal disease are much less frustrating for people. This is despite the known fact that the color of ivory is the sign of dental health.

The researchers studied the attitude of 2000 men and women to the color of their teeth and interviewed professional dentists. About one third of men believe that a white smile was the proof of the financial well-being and social status. In addition, it is also a sign that the person has received private education or graduated from university.

The study participants believe that white teeth increase the attractiveness of the person by 20%. But when it comes to romantic dates, the unpleasant breath and yellow teeth are the most important features of the partner’s being repulsive. According to the degree of their unpleasantness, the yellow teeth surpass even bad hair and acne. By the way, men are significantly more afraid of having bad teeth than of becoming bald.