What Do Men See in Women?

As we know, most people tend to perceive the images of the surrounding objects as complete. For example, a human face is seen as a single image, and not as two eyes, a mouth and a nose separately. As it was noticed some time ago, this tendency could be applied mostly to men. However, according to the team of experts from Vanderbilt University and Chinese University of Hong Kong who have conducted a series of new joint experiments, this process has some additional peculiarities and is actually more extensive.

Man, women

During the research, the scientists created certain fictional objects, which were demonstrated to the voluntary participants. As it turned out, those participants who saw the objects for the first time, perceived them as a single image. Moreover, most of them turned out to be men, whereas women were more inclined to analyze the details separately. The results of other investigations have shown that a similar tendency is observed in other spheres.

Among other things, it turns out that the peculiarities of perception of reality are strongly influenced not only by the sex of the participants of the research, but their level of knowledge about the analyzed object as well. Thus, more detailed images of fictional beings were perceived by those male and female participants who had previously been told much about them. The same effect was observed in the field of music: when listening to music tracks the respondents who had no musical education perceived them as a whole more often.

Source of the image: Photl.

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