Symmetrical Face Means Good Mental Health

According to the results of a recent study, the more symmetric face a person has, the lower his/her chances of developing psychological problems. Scientists discovered that people with high level of face symmetry, when the left side of the face is very similar to the right side, have the lower chances of having psychological problems when they are 79-83 years old.

Brad Pitt Face

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh compared test results of 216 men and women. The tests examined the person’s thinking and reactions as well as the level of face symmetry. The results showed that face symmetry is directly related to the effect of aging on psychological processes in men, but not in women. The scientists also presented some examples of celebrities who have high symmetry in their faces, they named George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Previous studies have already linked face symmetry and health in general. It is also known that we tend to perceive people of the opposite sex who have symmetrical faces as very attractive.

The results of the study were published in the magazine Evolution and Human Behavior.

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