Skipping Breakfasts Leads to Early Sex

Guess what makes teenagers start the sexual life earlier. You wouldn’t believe, but it is irregular breakfasts. Japanese scientists found that young people who often skip breakfasts start the sexual life earlier than their peers who eat breakfast regularly. This study was initiated by the Japanese Health Department to address the problem of unwanted teenage pregnancy.

Morning meal

Survey of 3 000 grownups showed that those who didn’t eat breakfast as a teenagers began their sex life approximately at the age of 17.5 years old. On the other hand, those who had breakfast regularly lost virginity about the age of 19.4 years old.

The survey cooperator Kunio Kitamura, director of the Japan Family Planning Association, said, “The fact that people can’t eat breakfast may show something about their family environment, and teens who dislike their parents tend to release their stress with the help of sex“.

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