Scientists Reveal How to Become More Attractive

According to a recent study, the skin tone plays a significant role in how attractive you are to the opposite sex. This statement has nothing to do with racism – it’s just about the complexion. So, if you’re white, you can achieve light yellowish hue of your skin by eating dietary carotenoids. It will make your face skin appear healthier and radiant.


Experts from two well-known universities of Britain, University of Leeds and University of St Andrews, conducted experiments, which showed that one may become more attractive by changing the face skin shade. They found out that eating foods rich in organic pigments (carrots, apricots, oranges, mangoes, spinach) changes others’ perception or your skin – they find it glowing and healthy. This is a positive factor meaning a sign of interest and attraction.

There are two common ways to change the skin color – suntan, or melanization, and taking carotenoids, experts claim. The goal of their study was to find out, which kind is better as regards to evaluating someone’s appearance. The experiment participants (60 people) were to rate digital pictures of faces, what is more, they were shown pictures of each person a few times – with different face shades. In the end 86% of respondents found faces with dietary carotenoid-induced skin colour most attractive.

The scientists confess, they have no idea yet, how the complexion change impacts the face allure. But one thing is clear – eating plenty of fruits and veggies rich in carotenoids gives you a better complexion than suntan or solarium.

Unfortunately, the authors of the study didn’t provide any tips for people with darker skin on how to make your face look healthier and glow. Anyway including fruits and vegetables will only do good to you.

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