Plastic Surgery Victim Finds Her Breast Implants on Her Back & Stomach

A few years after plastic surgery, a Chinese woman Tian Hui noticed her breast started to go down. The woman was upset, but did not pay much attention to it, because she could always “fix” the breasts. However, one morning she was horrified that one implant moved to her back and the other one – to her stomach. There was no way to return them to their place.


Tian Hui told the reporters that she had done ​​plastic surgery to save the family after she had learnt that her husband had an affair with another woman.

She explained that she had augmented her breasts to look more attractive and self-confident.

The couple managed to overcome the crisis in the relationship. The Chinese woman saved her marriage, but eventually breast implants started to bring her more problems.

Tian Hui said that they started to go down every day, and it was getting more difficult to get them back.

When she found one breast implant on her back and the other on her stomach, the woman hurried to the plastic surgeon. She decided to address another specialist, who explained that the problem was in with the filler, which turned out not securely fastened.

The doctor replaced the implants and securely fixed them. As it turned out later, the operation was carried out just in time – the old breasts were made ​​of the toxic polyacrylamide hydrophilic gel banned in 2006. If it had been well fixed, the Chinese could have expected a much more serious problem: the components of the filler could have triggered cancer and caused damage to the nerve tissues and kidneys.

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