What People Love Most in Champagne

Today is the day when innumerable bottles of champagne or other sparkling wines will pop open sending streams of white foam splashing freely and bringing along merry mood both through its cheerful fountaineering and exquisite taste.

Glasses with champagne

Well, we all know what it is all about, but some of the boffins had been too engrossed to know until recently, when a study conducted by French scientists was published proving beyond any doubt that it takes good bubbles to make good champagne.

The study that appeared in the American Chemical Society Journal affirms that bubbles, as the most important aspect of sparkling wines, are a perfect agent transferring the texture, taste and aroma of the wine.

Therefore you should do well, when opening a bottle, to try and avoid letting too many bubbles escape.

In order to enjoy the bubblest of your champagne chill the bottle to 39-40 degrees before drinking. Pour the wine down the side of the glass slowly… and have a good drink and a merry celebration!

Source of the image: Photl.

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