Ovulation Raises the Pitch of the Voice

Ovulation Raises the Pitch of the VoiceAmerican scientists discovered that the pitch of the voice can tell us about the best days for conception. The fact is female voice becomes high pitched in the period before and in the time of ovulation – this unconscious “signal” perceived by ear of a man enhances sexual attractiveness of the woman.

Researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles asked 69 women to record their voices in different periods of the menstrual cycle. It turned out that when it was getting on for ovulation the pitches of women’s voices were getting higher and reached maximum 2 days before ovulation when conception is the most likely.

Certainly, changes in the voice during the cycle are subtle, though it is quite enough for decoding unit or man’s ear to detect. Besides, clearly determined increase in the pitch was observed when women pronounced the phrases which they used to introduce themselves or to get acquainted with an imaginary companion.

The scientists suppose that the higher pitch of the voice belonging to the same woman sounds more feminine.

Higher female voice signals about increased sexuality and fertility.

Interestingly, the pitch of male voice is significant, too. Earlier the researchers found the link between the tone of voice and the number of man’s children. According to their data, men with low voices have more children than men with high voices. It’s known that men with low voices are traditionally perceived as more aggressive, healthy and sexually attractive partners.

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