One More Advantage of Beauty


A beautiful woman draws people’s looks; she is more confident in herself and feels better when she realizes people like her. Another advantage of being beautiful has been recently discovered by scientists. So what is that?

Beautiful Girl

While studying the phenomenon of human beauty, Canadian psychologists concluded that beautiful people are considered to be better than they really are. This discovery has been discussed in one of the latest issues of The Psychological Science journal.

In addition, the scientists have determined that, assessing a beautiful person, people usually define the features of their personality much more accurately than in the case of a woman or a man with an ordinary appearance.

The psychologists obtained this conclusion from a simple experiment involving more than seventy volunteers. The participants were divided into several groups, and each of them was asked to chat with another participant of the experiment for two or three minutes. After a brief communication, the volunteers had to assess the appearance of the interlocutor and draw a conclusion about some human qualities of that person – sincerity, intelligence, openness, even temper, etc.

Having studied the results on completion of the experiment, the authors of the research found out that people with good looks would constantly receive more flattering characteristics from their interlocutors.

Furthermore, the volunteers were often more precise while evaluating them. In the pages of The Psychological Science journal, the psychologists attempted to compare this phenomenon with the purchase of a vividly designed book which is bought with greater pleasure, and is read and considered more carefully than the usual edition. This again proves the necessity for us to take care of ourselves regularly to look beautiful.

Source of the image: Photl.