Most British Women Can't Cook

A recent research showed that thousands of British women these days are hard put to it to scrape together a decent meal – a task that women a generation away thought nothing of.

Woman, kitchen

The survey commissioned by the Good Food channel looked into the cooking abilities of 2,000 women – a poll which resulted in a string of astonishing revelations like when a mistress of the house is admitting that her partner is a better hand in the kitchen than she. It also emerged that many women don’t have patience enough to browse through a recipe book although they can hesitate over boiling an egg or making a fry up.

While mothers could knock up something like twenty meals from scratch at the end of the past century practically offhand, today’s average female can boast of only seven. For 10% two meals is the limit of what they can do without outside help or a detailed recipe at hand.

30% wouldn’t know how to set about making a meringue, 20% are not sure they could make curry properly, baking a cake would stump 17%. 13% of women say that a fish pie would constitute too difficult a task, 10% have never tangled with a roast or lasagne. Fairy cakes remain a mysterious dish to make for 6%.

Most of those regretful findings can be explained away by the fact that, being pressed for time, the average woman finds it hard to keep work and home in balance, remarks Roopa Gulati from the Good Food channel. Therefore it’s easier to fix up a meal from a tin than get down to proper cooking. But there’s also “a lack of culinary know-how” that seems to be quite a modern-day problem.

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