Money is a Powerful Painkiller

What can relieve pain better than drugs? Scientists believe it is money. Experiments have shown that money amazingly acts on the body. And it’s not that money relieves “headache” from women.


Specialists from Minnesota found that there is an indirect link between money and happiness, and a direct link between money and pain.

Recounting banknotes contributes to the generation of endorphins, which are powerful natural analgesic in the body.

Let’s recall that earlier, scientists at the University of Warwick in UK found that money can bring happiness in only one case: if a person is richer than his/her friends and relatives. And experts from Princeton University found that there is a link between the level of life satisfaction and wages. The more a person earns, the less he/she is disturbed by problems.

Thus, the happiest are those Americans who earn 75,000 dollars a year.

Source of the image: Photl.

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