Model Undergoes $50k Surgeries for Looking Like a Sex Doll

A 30-year-old French model has spent more than $50,000 for various plastic surgeries, which helped her realize her dream. The woman has always wanted to turn into a living sex doll.


Victoria Wild, who lives in Cannes, has long dreamt of seducing men only with her looks, evoking their hottest desires. To realize this dream, she had to turn into a living sex doll. She has done this, spending $50,000 on numerous plastic surgeries, including Botox injections, rhinoplasty, fake lips, as well as three breast augmentations. For several years, she has completely changed her appearance so that her family and friends can no longer recognize her.

Victoria’s boyfriend, a successful businessman, generously paid for all of these transformations. Although he knew perfectly well that his girlfriend was becoming more desired for other men with each new procedure, the man continued drawing checks. He said he loved the attention that Victoria enjoyed among other men.


However, the woman’s transformation is still far from being complete. Vicky herself says her immediate plans include buttocks augmentation and three more breast augmentations, for her bust to reach cosmic size. When you look at the picture of the girl before all these transformations, it is difficult to believe that it is she who is photographed in the other pictures. It is also difficult to say if Victoria has become more sexually attractive after plastic surgery, or she should have preserved her natural looks.

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