Happiness Makes Rich

Sometimes people say, “If I were rich, I’d be happy.” But the scientists’ research shows that the phrase should sound different – “When I’m happy, I’ll become rich.” And it is not about mental wealth – money does often come to the people, who know how to enjoy life and believe in themselves, rather than to those who are despondent and feel like a failure.


American experts have recently published the results of the study, which was attended by 15,000 volunteers. Among other things, the participants were asked about their childhood and adolescence – specifically about what they themselves had felt at that time: whether they had been happy or unhappy.

It turns out that those who used to be satisfied with their life in the early years and got the pleasure from becoming adults find it easier to achieve success in work and financial well-being than others. No other factors, such as health, education, intelligence, and happiness at the time of the survey could overpower this connection. Therefore, the experts urged parents to remember that the emotional state of a teenager is the key to his/her success in adult life, including financial success.

In turn, a bad mood can undermine well-being, and this can be applied to adults. As stated by psychologists at Harvard University, sadness and grief have bad impact on making the right financial decisions.

The scientists conducted an experiment involving two groups of volunteers. One group of participants was shown a sad movie, and the other was not. Then, all the volunteers had to take financial decisions. It was found that those who had watched the video were more likely to choose a path that would give them higher short-term gains, but in the long run the total return would prove to be lower.

According to psychologists, grief changes the people’s priorities and prevents them from thinking globally. Thus, grief can be called one of the causes of financial failures.

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