Facebook Posts Lead to Divorces & Robbery

Psychologists believe that the publication of photographs in social networks can lead to very adverse consequences: robbery, divorce and loss of business.


To protect your privacy and material possessions, psychologists recommend against being excessively frank in social networks.

The experts believe that the photographs can tell a lot about the financial well-being of a person, interests, hobbies, lifestyle and even character.

According to therapists, adults would never openly boast their manicure, vacation, or dishes, but for social networks. The Internet facilitates this task greatly: social networks have now become not only a means of communication, but also a platform for advertising and self-PR. This is a sort of Vanity Fair, where everyone is trying to be better than others.

Facebook Is a Life Parody

Scientists have repeatedly urged not to envy the lives of others by looking at their pictures on social networks. Using the pictures, we can measure the external attributes, but not the depth of other people’s happiness. The desire to splurge may indicate an unhappy life, and beautiful photos are just a way to brighten it. In the photographs, people show themselves not as they are, but what they would like to be.

Tips to Avoid Robbery

Experts advise not to demonstrate material well-being and not to post compromising photos in social networks.
A picture of you and your family on vacation may signal a thief that the apartment is vacant at the moment. Thus you may become an easy prey.

Facebook Photos & Divorce

In addition, too candid photos often cause divorce and separation in a relationship. The Internet also has a negative influence on family life. Coming home from work, the spouses do not pay enough attention to each other, but they can spend hours updating their page on Facebook and having an active correspondence with friends, which is a sign of addiction.

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