Elizabeth Taylor's Jewelry to Be Auctioned

The rumors stating that Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels will be put up for auction sale are quite true, AFP confirmed recently.

Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry

Christie’s auction house has announced the sale of the late great actress’s collection of clothes, objects d’art and memorabilia at a series of auctions whose exact dates will be publicized later this spring. The main attraction at the upcoming sellout will be Taylor’s world-famous collection of jewelry including unique gems like the 69-carat Taylor-Burton diamond.

Taylor died in March at the ripe age of 79, having amassed a collection of precious stones worth approximately $150 million – the result of a life-long habit of being on the receiving end of numerous gifts from people she knew and studios.

Jewels were not only keys to her heart, they were something she understood and appreciated. Taylor’s friend Lorraine Schwartz, a jeweler, told PEOPLE that the movie icon had rooms taken up by collections – yet she knew the exact location of every single item, a quality that she found amazing.

PEOPLE’s article that appeared on March 28 at the first indication that Christie may begin an auction sale of the collection also quotes Peter Sedghi, President and SEO of Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills. He cooperated with the actress on the House of Taylor jewelry range and was surprised to see that Taylor was more knowledgeable on the subject than he was.

Source of the image: Topnews.

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