Early Marriage Is Good for You

Happy Couple without Being MarriedEverybody knows, that young people are in no hurry those days to start a family, they place career first and family nearly the last; and that is yet the best alternative. Sometimes people find their life partners only once they are in their thirties, or even later. Psychologists believe, that such late marriages have bad influence on the health of the partners and their future children as well.

Specialists from Penn-State University (USA), in particular, are convinced, that when a family is started early (age 18 to 25), it has much better influence on the psychological health of the married couple than a late marriage does. Such conclusion was drawn from the experiment they held. 8 thousand young families participated in the study. By watching those couples, the scientists realized that early marriages help improve parent-child relationships, children in such families develop earlier and have higher intellect. In addition, medics believe, that children born in such families have correctly formed norms of behaviour, and they are also more protected from depression.

The couple benefits from early marriage as well – the living together helps them become more independent and get better sense of responsibility. Work and studies, surely, help as well. Moreover, newlyweds, in contrast to their peers, seem to be in better shape and withstand emotional stress better.

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