5 Ways to Push Your Man Away

Man Irritated by his PartnerThere are many reasons for a man to break up with his girlfriend. There are, however, five ridiculous ones, which can lead to the breakup before anything else does. Dear women, do not make those mistakes and get rid of your bad habits, as they may irritate your partner.

The Way Women Talk

Reason number one for a man to break up with his woman is her outright usage of unprintable language.

The Way Women Look

Fixing makeup in public is also not appreciated by men, as the woman is tearing this way the appealing mysterious curtain down.

Women’s Behavior

Another irritating behaviour pattern is drinking beer outdoors straight from the bottle, smoking and spitting.


Men don’t like it, when women use their means of hygiene, such as tooth brush or razor.

Women’s Interests

Reason number five, the major one: asking questions about the income, especially if the questions are made as early as the second date. The man feels as if he is being selected like a good at the market place.

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